Andreas Bender

Andreas Bender

Professor of Molecular Informatics, University of Cambridge & Pangea Botanica

Department of Chemistry

Dr Andreas Bender is Chief Technology & Informatics Officer (CITO) at PangeAI, part of Pangea Botanica, as well as Professor for Molecular Informatics at Cambridge University.

Andreas’ research is applying data analysis/ML/AI techniques to life science data for the selection and design of safer and more efficacious drugs. He published more than 300 articles in the area and his work has been cited more than 15,000 times.

Previously, Andreas was a Director for Digital Life Sciences at Nuvisan in Berlin, as well as an Associate Director for Data Science and AI in the Clinical Pharmacology & Safety Sciences group at AstraZeneca. He was a Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow in the Lead Discovery Informatics group at Novartis in Cambridge/MA as well as an Assistant Professor at Leiden University in the Netherlands before his current position in Cambridge.

On the entrepreneurial side, Andreas was involved in setting up Healx Ltd. (for data-driven drug repurposing) and PharmEnable Ltd. (for designing novel chemistry for targets that are difficult to drug conventionally), both based in Cambridge/UK.

Andreas studied chemistry in Berlin, Frankfurt and Dublin and received his PhD from the University of Cambridge.